dogue allemand Hazel eleveur  

Born from a real passion, we now breed since 2012 blue, black and harlequin Great Danes. Our kennel's name comes from a mix of all three names of our first companions : Ghost, Hazel & Haylee


All of our reproductives dogs are examinated for the HD/ED, have the TAN - behaviour test and are DNA identified. 

We have the will to offer Great Danes of quality, strong and elegant with a good health. Our females and stallions are selectionned in order to obtain puppies having the right morphology balance and behaviorial skills.


Our puppies will be registred in France : LOF.
Puppies will be available from 2 months old. They are chipped, vaccinated and have all received a deworming treatment. we will give you a board of advices in order to help you settle with your new friend.


We participate in dog shows and are members of the Doggen club de France.


All of our doggies live with us. We give them all the tender lover and care we have ; and the more we give them, the more they give us back, bringing us unique friendship and an every day life fulfilled of happiness.


So, if you have lot of time and lot of love to spare for one of them, you shouldn't hesitate to live this wonderful experience...Without forgetting about responsabilities to be taken and being reliable enough at all times for you new "little" friend.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us back for futher information. We will be more happy to tell you about the Great Danes Adventures !



Breeder of blue, black & harlequin Great Dane 

Members of the french Great Dane club

Great dane DCF standard trainning - Certificat de Capacité n°86216

SIREN : 810972463 - Breeder Registration No 862440 - Affix No 79329